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Ropes bind the two things and make their bonding the strongest of all. There are many types of ropes which are strong and robust and wire rope is one among them. Wire rope is made up of many strands which are set or we can say twisted together like a coil. Each of these strands is made up of same type of metal which are then joint together to form a coil. Formerly wrought iron was used in the process but nowadays steel is used in its production.

Wire Rope Construction & Specification:
The position of the wire rope will portray us the manner in which the strand in the rope or the wires in a strand are laid in a coil or helix. There are two types of lay or positions the left lay or the right lay. If you are the viewer then you have to look at rope as it points far from them. If itís in the clockwise direction then you can say that the wire rope has right hand lay and if it is in anticlockwise direction then you can say that it has a left hand lay.

This wire rope includes the lay of the rope, the number of strands and the number of wires per strand. This all is recognized by a common coding scheme which has many short forms. Lets understand this wire rope with simple e.g. like one wire rope is well-defined as 8 x 13 FC RH OL FSWR where 8 is the number of strands that makes a rope, 13 is the number of wires that make each strand, FC is the fiber core, RH is the right hand lay, OL is said as Ordinary lay and the last FSWR is flexible steel wire rope. Thus wire rope has different designation on the way they are prepared.

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