Silk Rope - Silk Bondage Rope & Silk Rope SRD for Sale

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Silk is a natural fibre of protein and it can be woven and used in the textile industry. Silk is one of the finest and best materials for the textile in the world. The paramount type of silk is acquired from the cocoons which are prepared by the larvae of mulberry silkworm and itís called as sericulture.

The sparkling look of the silk is because of the triangular prism structure of silk which permit silk cloth to refract the light at many different angles thus it produces the effect of different colours.

Silk rope (Silk bondage rope) is also widely used in the rope industry. Silk is produced by many different types of insects but the moth caterpillars are used for textile production. A question arise in our mind that why silk rope? Silk is a high value with a low volume product and it has a great demand. Itís said that silk production shows off economic development of a country and it generates high income.

We provide high quality of silk rope which is of S twist and also Z twist. You can take any rope according to your needs. Silk ropes are available in different sizes from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12 mm and as per your requirements (custom size, length, coloured) they can be further loosen or tighten depending on your requirements. The tighter silk rope is available in different sizes.

Silk rope srd can also be washed or cleaned in the machines. They can be washed in cold water and can be dyed. We provide the best quality of silk rope with many coloured like black, blue, white, brown, yellow, red, green, ivory, pink, gold and more in the rope industry.

Silk bondage ropes are available in different sizes and having excellent review. You can use silk rope for many purpose and they are durable and longevity. We have cost-effective and user-friendly services. All our ropes are of 100% quality and they are good in use. Have this 100% silk rope and experience them.

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