Polyethylene Ropes

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High class Polyethylene rope are widely used in the market and are the most demanding ropes of all the industries. Polyethylene is also one among the most used polymer plastic, it is used in trash bags, drop clothes, grocery bags and many more things.

From last 50 years the scientist are making the "everyday" used polymer to the top-of-line or we can say the "high-class" polymer is the major story in the physics and polymer chemistry. It was in 1933 when the polyethylene was made by Eric Fawcett and Reginald Gibson at England.

The polymer of ethylene was obtained at 2000 atmospheres pressure and at 170 deg C as a white solid wax. Now let us move to the Polyethylene rope, its very light in weight, durable, floats on water and is in handling. This Polyethylene rope is used in truck tying, towing, hauling, barrier making slings etc. The preparation of this rope involves many steps and to make high-strand polyethylene rope is even more tedious job.

The Specta 900 fibre is used to make this high-strength Polyethylene rope and some stretch can be removed from it. First the Specta 900 fibres are twisted and then further are heated into strands. This heating is done until the rope softens and then it all the kinks, folds and stretch are further abolished from the molecular chains. On braiding the 12 strand into rope we get the Plasma 12 strand ropes which have extraordinary properties.

Of all the available ropes in the market the plasma rope has the highest strength and even the lowest stretch. The plasma 12 strand rope is available in many colours (purple, black, blue, white, green, orange, white, red, yellow, ivory and more) and different sizes (9 mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 24mm).

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