Polyester Ropes

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There are many kinds of ropes available but there is no comparison of the polyester rope, itís beyond compare and the finest rope of all. Itís one of the most admired rope used in the boating industry.

This polyester rope is very similar to the nylon rope in strength but this rope stretch less than the nylon rope and thus they canít take up heavy loads. This polyester rope is same as the nylon in relating to the chemicals and moisture, but its paramount in terms of resistance to the sunlight and abrasions.

Polyester rope properties make it perfect for tying, rigging and other plant use. This rope is also used in bolt rope, fish net, towing hawser and rope sling. Polyester rope is high tenacity, bright polyester fiber which is heat and light. The Polyester fiber is resistant to all the chemicals, grease, oil etc. There are many kinds of Polyester ropes available in the market like the Double braid polyester rope and the 3-strand polyester rope.

Particular features of the polyester rope includes good abrasion resistance, flexibility in handle, on getting wet donít loss strength and they are very easy to merge with the stainless steel, nylon or the galvanized thimbles. The application of these ropes includes in lanyards, mooring lines, anchor lines and fender lines.

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