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Parallel yarn ropes of high-tensile strength consist of series of the multi-filament rope yarns or fibres like nylon, polyester, cotton, polypropylene, silk, polypropylene ...etc. which are all bound together in parallel direction.

In this kind of ropes the core of the rope is bounded by a braided jacket. These ropes are widely used in the antenna stays. All the civil aviation authorities, broadcasting companies and the military and civil communication companies used this stays. In these ropes the bending of rope is minimal or we can say its nil so it is used for antenna stays.

Parallel yarn ropes are even resistant to degradation by the UV rays. The best parts of this rope are that they are highly resistive to the environmental attacks. Because of lots of excellent features these ropes have made their name in the market. They are leading in the rope industry and are the most sell product of all the ropes. Because of its resistance to environment shocks this ropes are ordered by many folks across the globe.

In India we the producer, manufacturer and supplier of all the natural and synthetic fiber ropes also produce parallel yarn ropes. Our ropes collection includes polyethylene rope, polypropylene rope, nylon rope, polyester rope; cotton rope, linen rope, silk rope, hemp rope; manila rope, palm rope, jute rope and sisal rope are tough and are used as antenna stays by many big companies. We provide the exact length you order from us.

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