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Sisal is a plant which gives out rigid and firm fiber which is then further used to make rope, dartboard and twine. Sisal rope is prepared from the natural fibers of this agave sisalana plant. This plant grows in sub-tropic areas. Sisal is a hard fiber like manila but its potency is 20% less then manila. Sisal rope offers outstanding resistance against sunlight; it has finest knot holding ability. It allows you stretching, sisal is best in use when you donít require more strength.

The basic use of sisal rope is in bundling, shipping, gardening, tiedowns etc. In all these things less strength are requires so sisal rope fits the best. You can also make sisal carpers and sisal rugs. The floor carpets which are made from the sisal rope are famous for its longevity. Static electricity is also not there in sisal carpets as other carpets have them. You can also combine wool with the sisal and that will give you the brilliant amalgamation. Sisal is durable and wool is soft, so these two things are functional and productive together.

Africa, Brazil and in Asia Sisal plants are found. The process of extracting the sisal fiber is called as decortications, here leaves are compressed and are beaten by the wheel which has blunt knives, and thus you will get only the fibers. Then the drying is done and itís brushed and exported. For making ropes drying should be done effectively.

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