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Jute is a long, sleek and soft fiber of vegetable which can be spun to make coarse, strong strand. Jute is produced from the plant in the family Tiliceae in the genus Corchorus. Jute is said to be one of the most reasonable natural fibers and is the second to the cotton in uses and production both.

Cellulose and lignin both are the plant materials which are there in the Jute fiber. Thus we can say it as the ligno-cellulosic fiber and itís partially a wood and partially a textile fiber. Jute is mainly used for textile purpose and jute rope is world famous.

Jute rope is used in cloth to wrap bales of cotton and itís even used to make sacks and gunny bags. Jute rope is the toughest of all. Other than rope there are many other uses of Jute. Itís also used to weave curtains, coverings, chairs etc.

Jute Fiber Rope

The fiber from which jute rope is prepared is 100% bio-degradable and also recyclable. This jute natural fiber is silky and has golden shine thus itís called as Golden fiber. This jute fiber has low extensibility, high tensile strength with finest breathability fabric. Jute rope is used in packaging and even for the non-textile constructions.

We proffer you jute rope which is made from the finest quality of jute fibers. Our jute rope is strong which can carry heavy weights and are longevity. This jute rope is economic and is good in use. For making jute rugs 100% natural jute fibers are used. Natural shade of the jute rug is easily visible and they are a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional rug. Get the best jute rope from us; we have jute rope of different sizes and you can purchase them according to your use.

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