Natural & Soft Cotton Ropes

Buy cotton rope at affordable prices. We are leading manufacturer & (wholesale) supplier of soft & natural cotton ropes (twisted rope and braided rope) in UK, India, USA, Dubai, Kuwait, UAE…etc with wide range of colored like white, black, yellow, purple…etc.

Cotton is very soft material, a fiber which is widely used for many purposes. It grows from a boll in the seed of the plant and it’s a shrub which is mainly grows in subtropical and tropical region and Africa, India and America are the main producers of this cotton.

The fiber of cotton is spun in yarn or threads and then they are further used in textile industries to ultimately get the clothing or ropes. Cotton has many used besides ropes and textiles. It’s also used in tents, gunpowder, bookbinding, cotton paper, fishnets etc. thus we can say that cotton is one among the important fiber.

Cotton rope is more in demand and is widely used throughout the world. They are made from 100% pure cotton which is then wicker into short fibers. We can use only natural fibers for processing of cotton rope.

As soon as the cotton is estranged from the seeds and other plant wastes, then the wobbly cotton fibers are thoroughly pulled together by the machines into different twisted ropes of different threads. There are many uses of cotton rope in addition to tying purpose. They are used to make hammocks, toy making, and preening.

We as manufacture will proffer you industrial cotton rope which is prepared from the finest and supreme quality of cotton. We are leading manufacturer and wholesale suppliers of colored cotton ropes as per customer requirement like white, black, blue, green, yellow, purple, ivory...etc.

These ropes are washable and you can do that in machine also. You can also get many different types of twisted rope and braided rope in addition to the cotton rope from us. Your ropes will reach you on your request and we try to fulfill all the needs of our customers.

You can use this soft cotton rope effectively and productively according to your demands. Just dial us if you want the premium quality of natural cotton rope in the industry, we will guide you and will provide you excellent service.